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My Shoes Your Shoes (MSYShoes) was founded in 2014 in order to provide shoes to girls in developing countries who have no choice but to walk to school barefoot. Our founder Mearg Tareke was inspired to create this organization because as a young girl she was in the same position as these girls walking over 3 miles to school every day with no shoes.

Mearg was born and raised in Adwa, a small village in northern Ethiopia. During Mearg’s upbringing, her mother was the sole provider for her and her two siblings where she struggled to provide the bare necessities for the family. Much of the time local children in their village didn’t have shoes to wear while tending the cows in the field, fetching water from the river, and on their long journeys to school each day. During her early teenage years, it became increasingly difficult for Mearg to support herself. She had dreams of building a future for herself and being in a position to financially contribute to her family.

In 2011 Mearg moved to the United States for the opportunity to live a better life. She was motivated to work towards the goals she envisioned for herself years prior. During her short time in the states, Mearg graduated with a Doctorate of Pharmacy and established herself as a professional model. Mearg’s childhood experiences are what gave her motivation to someday provide shoes to girls who are going through what she did when she was a child. Finally in 2014 with the support of her godfather, Tino Dusi, her dream became a reality as she started MSYShoes and began to provide much needed support to these young girls.

Mearg returned to Ethiopia in 2017 to deliver shoes to 200 little girls at schools in her village providing them with hope and inspiration. Since then, with the help of her family and friends, MSYShoes has donated shoes to more than 500 girls in Adwa and its neighboring villages. “Receiving the simple gift of a pair of shoes gives these girls deep joy and happiness that words cannot articulate”, says Mearg. A young girl named Meron, a recipient of MSYShoes said,” These shoes will give me the motivation to wake up in the morning and run to school!”

Our goal is to provide shoes to millions of girls around the world who wouldn't have the means to own them otherwise. The simple gift of each pair not only helps these girls walk to school but puts them on a path to a better tomorrow.

Will you join us in helping them?


Tens of million girls in developing countries lack adequate footwear and without it, their risk of contracting infectious diseases increases exponentially. A simple generosity of offering changes from your pocket can reduce this risk to almost zero. All donations help girls Walk To A Better Tomorrow by providing them a pair of shoes so they can safely walk to school and receive the education they need to thrive.

Our Mission

To provide shoes to underprivileged girls in developing countries so they can safely walk to school and receive the education they need to thrive in the world.

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A $3 Donation provides one school girl a pair of shoes to wear for the entire semester!

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