Nahom A. Petros

Nahom Petros joined MSYShoes back in 2018 when he learned about all the amazing things that Mearg Tareke was doing for young girls back in Ethiopia. Nahom Petros was born in Northern Virginia. The son of two Eritrean immigrants who both came to the US as teenagers. He was raised to maintain his culture and grew to giving back to his local community as well as back home. During his early years of undergrad at VCU, Nahom was a part of an organization called B.E.L.E.S. This stands for believing and enriching the lives of Eritrean youth. As a member of B.E.L.E.S. Nahom would tutor Eritrean high school students and prepare them for college applications. That organization was able to send students to top universities like University of Virginia, William & Mary, and Duke University. In his final year at VCU, Nahom served as the President of the Eritrean Student Association and they raised enough donations to buy hundreds of cans of baby formula for an orphanage back in Eritrea that year.

These experiences fueled his passion to give back in bigger more impactful ways and they all had a similar theme. Enriching the lives of underprivileged youth both here in the sates and back home in the Horn of Africa. So when Mearg asked Nahom to assist her in giving back to young Ethiopian girls it was perfect! Nahom is dedicated to achieving MSYShoes’s goal of both helping millions of girls around the world get to school, and providing them with a path to a better tomorrow.

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